erika kathryn

Out of the Ashes shall come Fire,

out of Death shall come Life, and

out of Hatred shall come Eternal Love...


Vesta is the Angel of Fire.


She has bright red hair and is absolutely a rocker-chick at heart.  She actually listens to music from Earth, and somehow knows more about Earth than any of the other Angels.


She is one of the only known adopted Angels in heaven’s history.  She was found as an infant on the front steps to Cloud Convention Center and an Angel-couple took her in and raised her.  She has no recollection of her real parents.


She was born with a Flame Tattoo on her arm and it comes to life and dances as she starts a fire, puts it out, and makes it bigger or smaller.  She is really good at making fire balls in her hands.  


Her and Cat don't always get along, because Vesta is sometimes careless about burning grass and leaves.