erika kathryn

Out of the Ashes shall come Fire,

out of Death shall come Life, and

out of Hatred shall come Eternal Love...


Talihad is a surfer dude through and through and is the Angel of Water.  


With his bright blonde spiky hair and his sun-kissed skin, he can conjure any body of water that is nearby.  He is limited to water that is already there, in other words he cannot create water out of thin air.  He has a sixth sense in that he can smell if water is close by and which direction it is in.  


Once he catches the aroma of water he just has to yell the word, ‘water,’ and his finger glows bright blue, like an icicle pop.  Then he can aim the water stream wherever he points.  


Talihad truly has his own language.  He is considered a “Grommet,” which means he is a hardcore surfer under the age of fifteen.  Grommets use words like “kook,” “lull,” and “rips.”  


His favorite pastimes are staring at the ocean and yoga on the beach.