erika kathryn

Out of the Ashes shall come Fire,

out of Death shall come Life, and

out of Hatred shall come Eternal Love...


"This all started with a crush..."


"You must know that although we never met, I have loved you since the beginning of time and will love you for all eternity.  If I had a choice I would have given up all of my Phoenix powers just to spend one day as your mother..."


"There’s no way I’m just going to jump off this ledge and hope that a sudden burst of wind will revive my wings.  No way!"


“Wakey, Wakey, Waves, and Wipeouts, dudes!”


"Here we have the Recreation Realm where we have all sorts of fun activities to do, including a race track!  We also have our Capitol in the great city called Memory Metropolis and quite a few Peeking Ponds so we can look down at Earth...."


"And you all are the last line of defense?...

My pinky finger probably possesses more power than these Angel-babies!"

-The Fairy King, Boots-  

“I've heard of magical flying carpets before, but never magical flying clouds.”


"If there’s a battle to fight, then we will fight it.  And we will keep fighting until there’s nothing but peace in Heaven.  If you don’t feel like fighting today, then I’ll fight alone.  One way or another, this war will be won today.”


“Haven’t you seen my collection of Angels?  

I freeze fools like you for fun!”

-The Frost Fairy-

“I’m a map, not an encyclopedia...”

-The Map-

“You sure do seem to have a lot of talent...”


“This is like a ghost town, or more like a ghost zoo...”


“Your father didn’t tell me you had a love interest,

young Luce...”

-The Marsh Master-

"Well, thank our lucky locks for that!”

-Yahel -

"The oldest, wisest Star Speaker told me that a plague is to fall upon Earth before the next Annual Angel Convention.  

I will need to call on you, Cave, and the Angel Army again very soon...”


“What is with these evil Dudes and their thrones!?”