erika kathryn

Out of the Ashes shall come Fire,

out of Death shall come Life, and

out of Hatred shall come Eternal Love...

About the Author


As a child, I wondered what I wanted to become when I grew up, as all normal kids do.  Every week it changed; I wanted to be a Firefighter, a Chef, a Teacher, a Veterinarian, etc.  So my mother went out and bought me book after book on every occupation she could think of.  In the end it turned out that the books themselves, not the career choices, interested me the most!  


I have my Bachelor's of Degree from East Carolina University.  I've been dreaming of Angels for over 10 years.  I actually started the story of Audie when I was still in college.  I have written several other novels and many poems but none of which pull at my heartstrings the way Audie the Angel does.  


I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my romantic comedy (BLOGS OF A CHEATER EATER) and I also have signed a contract with Black Opal Books for my romantic adventure (THE LAVA LORD).  Currently I've written 3 Screenplays (GHOULDILOCKS, THE SIGHT SAINT, and UNSCRIPTED LOVE). I have also written another novel called GLOBES that is currently in the editing process. And more to come!  


When I'm not writing I am playing dress-up, baking cupcakes, and reading to my beautiful Angel-Daughter, Kathryn Kay (see more on her below) while we reside in Central Florida.









 I also wanted to share some photos

  of my amazing daughter,      




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